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Native apps are built for a specific operating system. A native app developed for iOS operating system won’t work on Android devices and vice-versa. If an app is developed for iOS, it will remain exclusive to that operating system. If at all the app has to support Android version, new app has to be built again for Android operating system. Softwares' used to develop native apps generally would be Objective-C or Swift for iOS, Java and ADT for Android operating system and .NET(C#) for Windows operating system. Mobile web apps are the web applications or games programming app to render/deliver pages and animation graphic running in mobile devices. Since these apps target browsers, they work on different mobile operating systems. You can view a mobile web app on Android, iOS or Windows tablets and phone devices. They also work on PC web browsers. Softwares' used to develop these applications are generally HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery Hybrid apps are a mixture of both native and mobile web apps. This type of application has cross-platform compatibility but can still access phone’s hardware. Softwares used to develop these apps are generally HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Mobile Javascript frameworks, Cordova/PhoneGap etc. And require server connection and back end server programming to make multi-players or multi-users connectining applications and dynamic applications.